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Custom Software Entwicklung

Software Entwicklung mit SAP ABAP und anderen Sprachen. Ich greife auf eine mehrjährige Erfahrung im Bereich Unternehmenssoftware zurück. Gerne unterstütze ich Sie beim Erreichen Ihrer Software-Ziele.

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Reset Safe Browsing Exceptions-Memory

In Firefox follow these steps:
  • enter "about:config"
  • set "security.certerrors.permanent" to false
  • (this deletes the exceptions memory every time when ending firefox)
    Clearing it explicitly:
  • Go to the Firefox Menu (three bars top right corner), then Settings
  • Find "Clear History"
  • Time range to clear: Everything
In Firefox not working in 100% of the cases: follow these steps:
  • Go to the Firefox Menu (three bars top right corner), then Settings
  • Find "Certificates"
  • Open "View Certificates..."
  • Switch to "Server" tab and find the label "These entries identify server certifcate error exceptions"
  • Remove desired server lines

In Chrome/Chromium follow these steps:
  • Go to the Chrome menu (three vertical dots top right corner)
  • Settings
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Switch from "Basic" to "Advanced" tab (important)
  • Tick "Browsing History"
  • Press "Clear Data" Button


Not resolving new dependencies problem Adding a project depdency to build.sbt should work straightforward. But rarely, new dependencies do not get resolved spontaneously.

Work-around In IntelliJ project window, switch the preselection (top left corner) to "Project" (not Project Files, not Packages or other). In "Project" inspect the resoved dependencies under the node called "External Libraries". If the external libraries do not update even when "Reload all BSP Projects" (BSP tool window), then following work-around could help: in IntelliJ create a new Project, e.g. sbt 1.5.5, scala 2.13.6, from scratch. Build it. Close it and return to the previous project. Rebuild.


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sbt           1.5.5
Scala         2.13.5
sbt-bloop     1.4.9
OpenJDK       16
Source+Target 11

Ulm, Germany
Phone: +49 731 14 399 046
Email: hartmut0407@googlemail.com

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