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QEMU/KVM Clibpard Sharing

OS Needed Software
Host Manjaro XFCE spice-vdagent
Guest Windows 10 spice-guest-tools
Console ANSI Colors Output

Depending on your Console or IDE application, ANSI colors might be displayed differently. Here is a small Scala test frame helping identify ANSI color codes by example printout ("rainbowing"). Repository on GitHub
Collation version mismatch

The error message
PostgreSQL collation version mismatch
The database was created using collation version 2.36, but the operating system provides version 2.37.
might be caused by updating the host operating system's glibc, which is responsible for collation implementations, and which the database is using in turn. When collation versions between host and database differ, this may lead to the message above. Typically it doesn't occur in stable versions of host operation systems, but in test versions.

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