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Audacity Latency Compensation

Edit > Preferences > Devices > Latency
Latency Compensation, e.g.: -15 ms
Buffer length: 200 ms
Software playthrough of input: activated
192 kHz / 24 Bit recording resolution
Increase the value (mathematically add x), if the recorded track is playing too early compared with the template.
Decrease the value (subtract x), if the recorded track is playing too late compared with the template.

You'll have to redo the measure from time to time, since so many components influence the latency in Audacity, especially: SDD Hard Disks.
Hardware: Lenovo x121e Model 304579G running Manjaro Linux XFCE connected to Steinberg UR22mkII audio interface.
Monitor Ur22mkII-Input e.g. ePiano/Keyboard or USB-Microphone-Input Live Signal on USB-Headset (Linux)

Go to pavucontrol, activate UR22mk2 or your USB-Headset-Microsphone as Input, activate USB-Headset as Output, then:

$ pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=20

Go to pavucontrol, see tab "Recording ". There the loopback options appear.

Here also You can pause the loopback, alternatively:

To stop:

$ pactl unload-module module-loopback 
Please note: Once an input source is used for loopback, you can no longer use it as input in Audacity, since Audacity needs this exclusively (Audacity error Error opening recording device. Error Code: -9985 Device unavailable would appear then).
On the other side, OBS is able to record from the input and monitor it at the same time.

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